You are seeing into the roofing of a Lifetime shed showing the polyethylene cavity roofing with skylights and the powder coated steel reinforcing. The structure and steel reinforcing makes these sheds far stronger than any tin shed. You can swing on the metal cross pieces it is that strong. The internal height of the roofing of a Lifetime shed is unbelievable, unless you are a giant you do not have to bend in a Lifetime shed.


This is a drawing of Lifetime wall panels. All walls, roofing and doors are made of cavity polyethylene and as a result are cooler in the summer and warmer in the winter. Also, condensation is a thing of the past with a Lifetime shed.


All Lifetime sheds are fitted with their own polyethylene flooring. As a result you do not need to have a concrete pad to sit your shed on. We recommend simply a boxed pad of compressed metal dust or road base.


Lifetime sheds are lockable. Lifetime sheds are more secure than any metal garden/storage shed owing to their design and the fact that all screws are on the inside of the shed.


Here we have the imitation window screens that come on a number of Lifetime sheds.


The 90 inch full width shelving designed for all eight foot wide Lifetime sheds.


Most Lifetime sheds have screened air vents in both ends.


Lifetime shed 16 inch accessory strip.


This is the outward opening shatter proof windows that are fitted to a number of Lifetime sheds. The window is lockable and is able to be secured in any degree of openness.


Here we have a picture of a Lifetime shed that is receiving an extension kit. This is very handy if you just want that little extra length in your shed.


This is an internal shot of a Lifetime shed showing the powder coated steel reinforcing, along with the ridge capping skylight.


A Lifetime shed showing the look alike slate roofing of all Lifetime sheds. This roof has the larger shatter proof skylights fitted.


This is the Lifetime shed corner shelf. They come in sets of two and can be fitted to the corner of any shed.


The internal view of a Lifetime shed roof, ridge capping skylight and powder coated steel reinforcing.


The Lifetime shed Tool Corral. Very handy for standing your garden tools in; no more falling over.


This is a set of shelving that can be purchased and placed in any Lifetime shed on any wall.

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