Dome Climber now available!

LIFETIME Model 90136 Dome Climber

The Lifetime Dome Climber is an exciting, geometric design with real rock climbing hand grips. Not only can several kids have fun at the same time, it also helps your child develop strong muscles and coordination.

Dimensions: 5′ H x 10′ W (1,52 m H x 3,05 m W)
Material of Construction: Powder-Coated Steel
Grip Construction: High-Density Polyethylene (HDPE)
Color: Tan/Green
Age: 3+
Warranty: 1-Year Limited
PRICE: $320.00 incl GST

LIFETIME Models 90135 and 151110 Ace Flyer Teeter-Totter

The Ace Flyer Teeter-Totter from Lifetime Products can seat up to seven kids and once and provides up and down, side to side see saw action. With the interactive dashboard, propeller, and spinning wheel, your aspiring young pilots can start in their own backyard. The Ace Flyer Teeter-Totter will set their imaginations soaring!

Dimensions: 92″ L x 95″ W x 30-35″ H (234 cm L x 241 cm W x 76-89 cm H)
Safety Zone: 21′ x 21′(6.4 m x 6.4 m)
Frame Material: Powder-Coated Steel
Molded Components: High-Density Polyethylene
Movement: Dual Action
Maximum Occupants: 7
Weight Capacity: 600 lbs. (272.1 kg)
Color: Tan/Green/Brown
Age: 3-12
Warranty: 1-Year Limited
PRICE: $420.00 incl GST

Model 1047942 Wiggle Car

You’ll appreciate the simple design of the big Wiggle toy car. No batteries! Just hold onto the steering wheel and start twisting! The twisting motion creates the centrifugal force that powers the Wiggle toy car. The Wiggle toy car works best on flat smooth surfaces such as linoleum or concrete. New and improved wheels provide excellent gripping action for more control and a faster ride. The irresistible Wiggle toy car is a great way to increase physical activity in older kids and develop coordination in younger ones. Built to accommodate up to 230 lbs., the Wiggle toy car can be enjoyed by all ages so parents are welcome to join in the fun!

Recommended weight limits for different surfaces to maximize lifespan of the Wiggle Car:
Concrete, paved & asphalt surfaces outdoors – 130 lbs.
Wooden, tiled, and other indoor surfaces – 200 lbs.
Polished concrete surfaces – 230 lbs.
PRICE: $69.00 incl GST

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